As observed over past few years, lot of our time and energy are consumed over collection of Annual Maintenace charges, collection of TDS certificates etc.
To do away with this, we have deviced a system of generating a licence keys for each client.

This licence key will be available from our website and will carry details of products/options in use in your organisation.
The key will also include details of AMC payment and accordingly you may be allowed / denied access to software.
The key will also include details of TDS certificates received/not received by us.

Apart from physical TDS certificate, you are required to file your return of TDS.
Once you file your return of TDS, our Tax account for the year is credited by NSDL and the information is available to us.
If timely TDS return is not filed, you may have problem accessing our products.
However, denial of access to products will be only after giving a prior notice of 10 days.

Participant ID for CDSL : 
(Your DPID is 5 digits starting frm 4th place of BOID
e.g. 12099900, where 99900 is your DPID)

Once you have provided your usage ID, you will be able to download required files.

On Download page, you will see a button for Licence Key on Top-Right Corner.
Click on that button to get your licence key.